Pet Dander? We Got It!

Air quality in your home is very important to your well-being. But for pet owners, this is quite obvious because pets have a tendency to degrade the air quality. You don’t have to be allergic to be bothered by pet dander although some individuals can stand it for a while.

It’s not the same for Kerri because she is irritated by pet stuff flying in the house. That’s why she bought an air purifier to deal with dander from her lovely dog. Unfortunately, the machine didn’t last. It’s called the labor of love! She has to take care of all the fur flying around and that calls for a new air purifier.

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An air purifier makes your home more hospitable even when you’ve got several pets around. Kerri needed something to keep her comfortable and she had to do some research before buying the next device. Take a look at the options she reviewed before settling on one.

Winix 5300-2 Purifier

Although the design will fit in most houses, this air purifier comes with all the utilities for thorough air purification. This device has a HEPA filter that works well with a carbon pre-filter for the removal of larger particles like hair. You can set the purifier into auto mode and it will detect the prevalent air condition and make the necessary adjustments for a better environment.

If you are allergic to Ozone, no need to worry because the Winix 5300-2 uses an innovative technology to keep you comfortable. Utilizing the Plasma Wave Technology, it ensures that the ionization process creates effective ions that work with water vapor in the annihilation of pollutants. The whole process is accomplished without creating Ozone gases.

However, you need to change the HEPA filter each year but the carbon pre-filters need to be cleaned after three months.


  • It has a plasma ionizer
  • The cleanable pre-filter is designed to catch pet hair
  • It alerts you to change the filters and it also has a timer
  • The in-built sensors will communicate to the system and make the necessary adjustments to keep the air clean


  • The warranty only covers one year
  • The auto dim mechanism is not reliable
  • When installed in larger rooms, the rate of air change is low which makes it more suitable for a small room

Sharp FPF60UW Plasmacluster

This air purifier is all white and it utilizes the plasma ionizer to deal with bacteria and germs in your home. Unlike some common designs, its intake is placed at the back making it unwise to mount it on the walls.

It comes with HEPA filters as well as carbon based filters which last for at least five years. The effective range for this filter is 280 sq. ft. but its specifications suggest it can endure a little more than that. In addition, the Sharp FPF60UW is safe for people allergic to ozone because it uses optional plasma ionization.  

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  • Its filters will last for 5 years
  • It comes with a pre-programmed auto-off function for 2, 4 and 8 hours
  • It has five adjustable fan speeds
  • It’s very quiet when in operation


  • The filters are not washable
  • The air intake at the back makes it unfit for wall mounts
  • Switching on the auto mode will only control the fan speeds

Alen Breathesmart

This air purifier is high-end and it’s a good choice if you don’t mind spending a few more dollars. Unlike most air cleaners that come in one color, this one comes in 16 colors to choose from. It comes in stainless steel, pictured rose wood, carbon and a primed surface for those who love painting.

This device is well equipped to deal with pet dander since it’s fitted with the HEPA-Odor Cell. For your information, this filter is among the best in filtering pet dander. From its specifications, the Alen is suitable for large rooms or open spaces and will easily handle 1100 sq. ft.

If you have a bigger budget, this is definitely worth a shot considering that it appears and sounds more serious.


  • The front panel is customizable so you can have unique equipment
  • It is designed to cover a large area
  • The filters are specifically designed to deal with pet allergens
  • It has an inbuilt smart sensor system for the auto-mode


  • The filters are not washable
  • This unit is more expensive


Based on the past experiences with air purifiers, Kerri thinks it’s better to settle on a superior unit than what you had before. Therefore the Alen Breathesmart was more impressive than the rest. Its large coverage area along with the filters that are designed for pet dander makes it stand out.

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