Pet Friendly Housekeeping

With pets in the house, you have lots of muddy paw prints and fur in various places. Although pets have a tendency to improve your life, sometimes it can be hard cleaning after them. More often than not, you’ll be busy mopping and scrubbing the house to keep it clear for friends and family. But as you do that, have you considered the dangers of substances used to the pets?

Some cleaning products are not friendly to your pets

Although most are effective in cleaning, not all of them are good for pets. According to Pet Poison Helpline, cleaning products are considered to be the 6th most toxic products to dogs. Among the most hazardous items are, bleach, phenol-based disinfectants, bleach and laundry detergent pods. Although bleach is very effective as a disinfectant, it has strong alkaline properties that can erode pet paws and cause damage to the throat when consumed.

If you use phenol-based disinfectants you have realized the effectiveness against bacteria and viruses around the house. What you may have not realized is that they are very toxic to cats and dogs. Particularly, if cats are exposed to phenols through their skin the effects can be deadly.

Alternatives that are pet-friendly

Before the invention of modern home cleaning products, many people were using products prepared at home. With vegetable oils and other kitchen ingredients like vinegar, lemon, baking soda and lemon, you can make some eco-friendly cleaning products.

Use vinegar as a disinfectant by mixing some vinegar and water to make an effective disinfectant to work on your surface tops. Besides using it as against bacteria, you can further dilute the mixture to make a general purpose cleaner.

Because lemons have a good concentration of citric acid, you can use it to make a disinfectant for home use. Whether you squeeze some fresh juice at home or buy from the store, you can use it to clean and eliminate foul smells at home.

The next time you go shopping for cleaning products, make sure you check to see if the store offers non-toxic options. A quick check on the label will tell you if the product is safe for households with small kids and pets. However, it’s easy to find pet-friendly products at the stores and they are formulated using substances like baking soda and vinegar and they are effective deodorants as well as for stain removal.

Tips for keeping your home clean

  • Focus on minimizing the mess by keeping the pet food at one location that you find easy to clean. For instance, you can confine the rations in the kitchen.
  • Make sure there’s a towel at the door so that you can wipe off the pets feet when it’s coming inside. You also find it easy to clean fresh paw stains.
  • Get yourself a good vacuum cleaner that can effectively cope with embedded pet fur and dirt. This will not only ensure your house is clean but it will also minimize bad odors. However, this works well if you have one of the air purifiers for pet dander to keep the rooms fresh.
  • Use baking soda to clean pet bowls and other places with stains as well as pet beddings. Baking soda is also a great deodorant and it will eliminate odors caused by pets while keeping them safe.
  • Brushing your furry pet frequently ensures that loose fur won’t fall off in the house and be embedded into your furniture.


Pets will always be running around the house and they are fond of licking the floor as well as their feet. Therefore, exposure to harmful cleaning detergents is real and it needs to be addressed by anyone with a pet. Although minimizing the possibility of fatalities is the best option, it is important to ensure that pets are safe by using non-toxic products.